About the company

PB Group Global Limited is a dynamically developing Company, has contractual relations with the largest subsoil users and producers of petroleum products without intermediary structures, constantly expands the range of partners and the list of products offered, improving the quality of services provided.

PB Group Global Limited has been developing its activities and presence since its foundation. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of the management team, PB Group Global Limited was able to attract industry talents, as well as create a solid base for activities around the world.

PB Group Global Limited aims to become a well-known energy and commodities trader around the world.

The financial performance of the Group highlights the success and what the entire PB Group Global Limited family has achieved in a short period since its foundation.

For PB Group Global Limited, risk management is one of the key success factors. The management of market fluctuations, financial and credit risks, as well as operational risk associated with the transportation of dangerous goods is of paramount importance in our Group.

A highly qualified team of risk management experts continuously analyzes, monitors, reports and manages our market and financial risks.


Our worldwide trading activities are enhanced by our extensive logistics and warehousing capabilities.

Based on our ability to find suppliers, we use arbitrage opportunities for the supply of crude oil, refined petroleum products and coal Our goal is to be closer to our customers and understand their daily needs in order to ensure a smooth and reliable delivery process in accordance with our high international standards of work.

Our goal is to establish and maintain long—term relationships with our counterparties along the entire value chain from exploration to final consumption.

To achieve these goals, we work with dedicated partners who follow our approach to best practices in all aspects and with infrastructure from depots, transport logistics, terminals and ships that meet the standards of PB Group Global Limited and our first-class insurers.


For the supply and distribution of crude oil, petroleum products and coal, PB Group Global Limited uses a large and complex network of terminals, ships, rail transport, pipelines and road transport.

PB Group Global Limited has unique access to a fleet of river-type tankers, rail transport and terminals based on long-term relationships with a logistics service provider worldwide and through its ship brokers to a global fleet of oil tankers.